How to Read Wheel Spin Online

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First, Log In to the Portal.
Your user name is shown on your membership return.

If you do not yet have a password, or have forgotten it, use the "Forgotten Password" link to have a new random password emailed to you.

If you have not yet told the club what your email address is, contact the Club Registrar to have it recorded in the membership database.
Once you are logged in, click on the "Wheel Spin" link in the top left corner.
You will then see links to the last three or four issues of Wheel Spin, with the most recent issue at the bottom.

(All issues from Jan 2014 are available.
These are just quick links to the most recent.)

Click on the issue you want to open.
You will then see the front cover of the selected issue.
Click on the "Next Page" arrow, or press the right-arrow button on your keyboard to go to the next page

You can now step through the newsletter, flipping pages with the left and right cursor keys, or by clicking on the "<" and ">" symbols either side of the magazine.
There are several buttons around the edge of the screen, described in the following table.
Buttons at top left corner of screen.
  • Pages Overview - show thumbnails of all pages
  • Fullscreen - switch to full screen mode (recommended)
  • Mute/Unmute -Allows all sound effects to be muted.
  • Other issues - access to all other issues of this magazine.
  • Print pages - Print selected pages of this issue.
Buttons at bottom left corner of screen.
  • First Page - Go to first page
  • Zoom - Enlarge page
Buttons at bottom right corner of screen.
  • Current page - shows which page(s) are being viewed.
  • Go to Last Page - Go to last page of issue

 Selecting other issues

While reading a magazine, click the "Other Issues" button (fourth down on the left).
  • Select a year by clicking on it.
  • Drag the scroll bar (to the right of the cover images) to see all 12 issues.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over an issue to see a quick summary of what is in it.
  • Click on an issue to start reading it.

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