M.G. Car Club Victoria

Membership Information

The cost to join the MG Car Club is as follows:

Joining Fee$65.00
Annual Membership Fee$120.00
Family Membership Fee$35.00

If you join today your first years membership cost will be $185.00 which is a prorated membership fee including the joining fee for this year only.

The M.G. Membership registration process will ask you to complete personal contact details, plus car details and any register that you'd like to be a member of. Once you have entered your details, you will be asked if you'd like to have a family member join the club also. The same questions will need to be answered for each family member that is joining.
(Note, "Family" members are restricted to one spouse/partner, and all family members under 25.)

Once your membership registration is complete you will have the option to print the tax invoice which will be your record of your membership details. This will list your total registration amount with a BPay, cheque or credit card option for payment that you can post to the registrars.

If you would prefer you can pay securely online using the nab payment service with either your Visa or Mastercard. If this payment process is successful you will be given a nab reference number, which will print on your tax invoice.

After your membership registration is complete you will be sent an email confirming your details. If you don't receive this email please contact the Registrar at registrar@mgcc.com.au


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